GT4 Update, Gouf Girl Update, and SCGMC Mascot Pins!

Lost of things happening in respect to current projects and new merch! First, we have a new pin available, and an old pin that wasn’t available but a select group of people got them in the past few years at SCGMC. Both these pins are now available in the TGG Store

Gouf girl is progressing and in the middle of work and letting things cure, I got the body of the GT4 polished and on to assembly. After all the fixes and clears, the body was quickly compounded, polished, and waxed. Not too happy with the project, but I wanted it off the work bench.

I got it assembled and took some completed pictures.

Back to Goufy, my last project picture got a response from reddit to add an eye patch as it’ll make her a mono eye, and here’s the test fit.

More Gouf Girl goodness after the jump!

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My curse with Fords

This project was started the first week of May and should have been done within 2 weeks. It is now approaching the tail end of June and it’s still not done. I keep running into problems with the final body work bits. I realized that I didn’t post up any progress pictures of this build to the blog, so here we go.

This kit was released some time in April, and I went out and grabbed out because it looked pretty cool and I wanted to try some polishing techniques I saw online. Right out of the gate, we get working on the body. It is white, so defects and mold lines are a little hard to see. A quick primer session remedies that, and I can see areas that need to be addressed and sanded down.

The rest of the progress after the jump.


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