Jul 152016

Last time I posted an update, it was for the damn V-fin that broke a few times. So with that, we go back a few days before the break as I was continued to paint the kit in parts. The upper torso was done so I took the painted parts and did a quick assembly. I’m liking this paint progress because I’m not getting burnt out with masking a ton of parts and I’m getting decent visual cookies that keep me chugging along.

The upper torso done, time to get on with the legs and feet.

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Nov 102010

Last week, I cleaned up my workshop and while doing so, I dusted off and looked at the Hi-v project that I had shelved about a year and a half ago. The kit was placed back onto the shelves while I finished cleaning up my workshop. With the workshop cleaned up, I brought the kit back off the shelves and laid out the parts on my work table to make sure I had all the parts. After all, the kit was sitting idle for 18 months. The only thing missing was the instruction manual for the conversion kit, but I had already done the test fit, pinning and I have the pictures from the previous updates for reference. Satisfied with all the parts present and accounted for, I started back on the kit a few days ago.

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