Feb 022011

First and foremost, Happy Lunar New Year‘s Eve for everyone on this side of the international date line. For the rest, Happy New Years! This past Sunday, we had a family dinner at one of the local Hong Kong style seafood restaurants. Randomly hearing the managers exclaim “Pig Parade” in Cantonese, and noticing all the staff rush to the kitchen; a slight hush came over the fully packed restaurant. The staff all come out of the kitchen with roasted pigs on huge metal prongs and proceeded to parade it around the restaurant. That the restaurant was packed and there was a line waiting to eat on a Sunday night was the very first clue that Chinese New Years was right around the corner.

I’ve also got some Saz updates as well as a potential canine addition to the household.

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Jan 302011

Time for another Saz update; and it has been a while. But first off, I re-themed the site’s front end. The wordpress end. The old style is a bit dated, and I’ve been meaning to do an update for a while. I did a little too many modifications on the last theme and that was a little too time consuming, so I grabbed a nice little theme that was very flexible with personalization and used my old theme’s main colors to retain some of my personal flavor. I think the site is a little more streamlined. I’ll be tweaking things here and there over the next week or so. I’m always open for comments, or if you want to be added to my rss feeds and what not, let me know. Hopefully the site is a little faster as well. And about the ads, well, I kinda buried them before, hopefully they’re not too distracting from the content.

Ok, enough about the site, on to the Saz, for which I have been continually working on; but progress at this point was kinda slow, I was waiting for some lights and stuff to show up… So last I left, I had just gotten the first layer of primer on the little bastard. Well I had to go through several cycles of sand/putty/sand/prime/ repeat until I got the primer just right on the shoulders and chest. With that done, these past few days, I’ve been getting paint on the little bastard. Started off with the gloss black base.

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Jan 202011

So, early last week, I started working on this kit the day after I posted about the Bearguy ver Panda. Granted, I should just focus on the Hi Nu, but a few things got me inspired to do the Sazabi. I’m starting to get a higher appreciation for 1/144 scaled kits, granted the Saz is a fairly large 1/144 scale kit, but for all intents and purposes, it is still a 1/144 kit. The parts count is easier to handle and the potential for little modifications are pretty good – speaking specifically about the Saz in comparison to the MG sized version. I’ve been wanting to crack out the drill, files, knives, plastic tubes, strips, metal collars and a whole list of modification parts to tinker with a kit. For those that have been following the forum post about this, go ahead and skip this post. This is just a blog post discussing the build so far, as it has been a little over a week’s worth of work.

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