Anime Expo 2011

This past weekend was July 4, and the annual Anime Expo four days of fun. This year was different from the past several in that I wasn’t staffing the event full time; I only had one workshop presentation, and I was only at the event for two of the four days. I did continue my work with the AX Model contest, making sure the event was set up as well as judging the event. This year I took a much needed break from being a full time staffer. I think this is one of those things that volunteers should consider, especially if they are in the managerial positions of the show; but more about that later. This year I participated in the Gunpla Builder’s World Cup event.


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New York in October

Last week, I was in New York for the New York Comic Con/Anime Festival. I was at the NYCC/AF Friday and Saturday; the rest of my time there was spent with Jason and Claire. I had been to NYC once before in my life, and that was August 2001 when some friends and I drove up from South New Jersey to the original Yankee Stadium to watch a Yankees game. I think I remembered snapping a picture of the New York skyline with my old film camera, I’m sure the picture is somewhere in my pile of photos in a box somewhere in my house. But until then, that was my only experience in New York City.

Side note, this will be long. I mean. I was there for almost a week. Pictures alone are overwhelming. But this post features tourist, scantily clad women, gunpla, and food, so what more can one ask in a blog post? You have been warned…


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Anime Expo 2010

This is my post about Anime Expo 2010 from my perspective. I’m one of two managers of the Exhibit Hall, I run 2 works shops and a panel, I run the AX Model Contest, and I’m also the point of contact for the Gunpla World Cup competition being sponsored by Bluefin. So I have a fairly unique perspective on things. And this post basically continues from the my last blog post.


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