Jun 242019

The week 4 update is here. And so much to go over for a short post. I’ve gone full blown painting now, but there are still some bits and pieces that need clean up and build work. Namely the rear skirt, ammo drum, ammo belt, and gatling gun. But as of this post, everything is almost done with principal painting. But let’s rewind to earlier this week and since the last update. I was still doing minor detail work. The last update introduced some photoetch addon details. Continuing with that, I added some of these detail bits to the knee joint circular covers. I did have to make a slight modification to the part so that the detail bit would sit flush. There are four plastic details that extend slightly towards the center of the round and those needed to be chiseled away. I did a video while I was working on these but I haven’t had the time to edit and upload it. I’m pushing pretty hard on the kit so I’ll probably get that video up once I’m done with the project.

More detailing and getting down with the paint after the jump.

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Jul 182012

Yep, it’s been a while. But life got pretty busy for a while so the episode we filmed in mid April is just now getting publication. It was mostly edited for a while, but getting a new job, and the major work on the house sorta took priority. But fear not, we have 2 other episodes in the can; I just need to focus and get those edited and the series will continue. This episode introduces my co-host and fellow modeler Dan Salas AKA Funaka. I also got camera operators, Dave and Angel; so this should be a vast improvement over the first episode. There is still a bit of a learning curve so the episodes should be improving as we make more; and hopefully we’ll have subject matter to make more. Eventually, we would like to focus on specific techniques and possibly discuss the different methods of execution.

The episode length was halved in comparison to the first episode as an hour long episode is just too much work and just too long for folks to sit through. We’re doing episodes that are about 25 or so minutes long. Thie episode covers painting and most of the materials and techniques that we as a collective gunpla model building group use for gunpla model building. Do not hesitate to submit requests for episode topics or comments on how we can improve the series.