The Southern California Gundam Model Competition Year Three!

This past weekend was the 3rd annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition, held in Fullerton California. We drew a total of 171 attendees, of which 42 entered the competition with 76 models entered. Our attendance is up by at least 60 people, so we saw a decent jump in growth. Asking around, I believe that word about our event is starting to spread and folks are seeing the hard work we put into placing flyers all over Southern California. We’ve hammered down a good number of issues as lessons learned from the previous two years and from what I’ve heard and read so far from various sites, we did a fantastic job. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication from our loyal TGG Staff. We still have a few kinks that could use oiling and straightening out, but we’re definitely on the right track. There were some really amazing builds on the tables. Just below there is a 13 year old Shenlong, a completely revamped Taurus kit, a full scratch build for a 1/100 Xamel, and beautifully painted Patchwork Sazabi.

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition: T minus 30 hours or so…

It feels damn good be be so organized and prepared for this year’s SCGMC event. We spent a little more money than we did last year, but it is definitely money well spent on items that will see future use at many more SCGMC events to come. We’ve been generating some good publicity through the TGG Facebook page; posting up some last minute progress pictures of kits we’ve been working on, posting up pictures of an early collection of raffle prizes, and within the past several hours, posting up pictures of our trophies we have for this year.

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2011

The first annual (hopefully) Southern California Gundam model competition has a date and location set. A set of entry categories and special awards has also been created. However, since it’s still fairly early, the group can decide to modify the categories and special awards. But these should be finalized by the end of this month. As far as I know, nothing like this has been done in Southern California. I don’t count the contest at Anime Expo or the local IPMS/Model club shows as the focus of both events are not Gundam centric.

I know there are tons of gunpla modelers in Southern California. There are so many shops that sell gunpla. It’s time that the gunpla modelers gather to show off their skills and compete with one another in a completely Gundam models for the sake of Gundam models show.


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Oh the dream of a Gundam-centric model competition in the United States…

This past Sunday was the Pasadena Modelers Society’s annual model contest, ValleyCon. A few of us from the build gathering went and entered our kits into the competition. Not all of us are gunpla builders, and congrats to Sean for his wins in the 1/48th tank, 1/350 ships and 1/700 ships categories. Brandon on in the figures category. There were tons of excellently built models across all genres of plastic/resin/vinyl. Our little niche of gunpla builders made a pretty good showing as well. I think we impressed upon the show’s chairman that not all the gunpla builders actually know one another.

Or click here if you want to read about my crazy idea that formed in my head as a result of this year’s competition participation.


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