The first annual (hopefully) Southern California Gundam model competition has a date and location set. A set of entry categories and special awards has also been created. However, since it’s still fairly early, the group can decide to modify the categories and special awards. But these should be finalized by the end of this month. As far as I know, nothing like this has been done in Southern California. I don’t count the contest at Anime Expo or the local IPMS/Model club shows as the focus of both events are not Gundam centric.

I know there are tons of gunpla modelers in Southern California. There are so many shops that sell gunpla. It’s time that the gunpla modelers gather to show off their skills and compete with one another in a completely Gundam models for the sake of Gundam models show.

When and Where

The venue for the first annual SCGMC is set.

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Crown Room
Holiday Inn Fullerton
2932 East Nutwood Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831

Entry Fee: $5
– Entry fee includes one model entry, each additional model will be $1 per model.
Registration times are from 9:00AM – 11:30 AM

There will be a raffle for kits and such.

Live Demos

Aside from the competition, we will also have a section of the area for live demos for various techniques such as basic building (nub clipping, sanding, seaming), airbrushing, weathering, panel lines, decals, etc) I will publish another update once we have a firm schedule for the various demos.

Contest Categories:

Below is a semi final list of the categories we plan on having for the competition. We plan on using current IPMS Orange County’s precedent of splitting categories if a specific category merits it. For instance, if there is an over abundance of Macross kits within the “Mecha General” category, the Macross kits will be separated out as their own category. Currently we have 7 categories and 5 special awards. Again, this is subject to change until we finalize everything.

Universal Century (CCA, 0079, 0080, 0083, F91, etc)
1/100 and larger (1/60, 1/48, etc)
1/144 and smaller (1/220, 1/400, etc)

Alternate Universe (seed, 00, Turn A, X, Wing, etc)
1/100 and larger (1/60, 1/48, etc)
1/144 and smaller (1/220, 1/400, etc)

Mecha General
(Macross, Star Wars, Star Trek, Starblazers, FSS, etc)

Anime Figure

Diorama (any scale)
The entry must tell a story. Entry must have a minimum of 2 kits.

Special awards:

Below are special awards that applies to all the above categories. The entry form will have boxes for the entrants to check if their kits qualify for the special awards. Additional notes under each category will give more details on qualifications.

Best out of box (OOB)
– Kit must accompany the instructions. Only items supplied with the kit are allowed. The kit must be painted according to the instructions, paint colors do not have to be exact, but close enough. If alternate paint schemes are offered on the instructions, then the alternate paint schemes qualify. It will be at the judges’ final decision if a kit qualifies for this category.

Best Villain Kit
– Entrant must justify their entry is a bad guy unit.

Best Scratch Built/Resin
– A best of category for all scratch builds, resin conversions, and full resin kits

Peer’s Choice Award
– Each entrant will be given a ticket for which they are allowed to write down what they believe to be the best entry

Best of Show
– The best entry as agreed upon by the judges.

The next step is to get the word out to the gunpla modelers in and around Southern California; spread the word as widely as possible!

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  1. Brandon

    Decided to include other sci-fi eh?

  2. George

    I doubt I’d be able to make it. But November is a while off so we’ll see I guess.

  3. GameraBaenre

    Yeah, enough people wanted to add in a general mecha and anime figures and I don’t see a valid reason to be so exclusive.

    George, you should definitely try to make it out… it’s an excuse to do a Disneyland trip :D

  4. Leona Senshi

    I’d love to go!! as long as there’s a category for Anime Resin Figure I’ll def participate :D

  5. Brandon

    quote: “I’d love to go!! as long as there’s a category for Anime Resin Figure I’ll def participate :D”

    There’s an ‘Anime Figures’ category. You’re in!

  6. Vinh

    Sounds promising! Working on a re-rebuild of a mg g-gundam kit from my noob days. Hopefully, I’ll be done by then.

  7. Basaka

    NICE i’ll add this to my modeling competition entry list!

  8. Joseph Medina

    Hey im super excited for this i want to sign up my model how will i do that?

  9. GameraBaenre

    It’s just like any local model competition, come to the event during the entry hours, 9AM-11:30AM and fill out the entry forms.

  10. Joseph Medina

    lol its my first, and thanks sounds great

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