GBWC Results from Anime Expo 2014

This past AX was probably one of my shortest stays at the convention. I normally spend at least 3 days, but there were just too many people and nothing that truly pulled me as far as interests. Where I used to wander the halls and take pictures of just about everything, I pretty much only focused on the GBWC, my two panels, and promoting SCGMC as much as possible. This year was pretty damn crowded. I don’t believe I have ever seen this large a sea of people. And in the previous years, the lines for registration after the first day is usually fairly tolerable; I’m pretty surprised at how long people still had to wait for getting registered even on day 3. Yeah, this con has taken a huge jump in attendance. I also noticed that the exhibit hall has grown considerably with a great deal more vendors. Crazy.


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Anime Expo 2014: No pictures yet, but there’s a video!

Anime Expo update. I’ve been busy the past few months with business trips and a short jaunt to Hong Kong to visit family as well as pick up items for this year’s SCGMC event. This past weekend was the annual Anime Expo and my time at this event has been getting shorter as the crowds have been getting larger. I believe they hit somewhere around 80k people, almost a 20k boost, which is pretty significant.

We arrived around 10AM on Friday, day 2 of the event. Angel and I have our respective kits for the Gunpla Builders World Cup event. There is a sea of people just waiting for the Exhibit hall to open, so we wait off in the wings before the access from our area is opened to the hall. We go in and Mike is already in there setting up his Kampfer, Geara Doga, and an Freedom. I put my Sazabi into the case, turn the lights on and fix the pose a little bit. I notice one of the folks from the Bandai Hobby department outside watching and looking at my kit. The guy has been coming to AX for the past several years so he knows me to an extent. He helps me pose the kit a bit with hand signals from the other side of the glass. Mike and I then help Angel put his kit into the case. It’s funny that every time we’re here doing this, Angel’s hands get so shaky, parts are falling off as he’s trying to place the kit. So the steady hands of Mike and I get the kit in place. I’ve never known Angel to be nervous about anything, but noticeably, at various contests, he gets shaky while trying to display his kits.


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Jungle Bunnies and AX

Last week, I was busy scrambling to finish up the little jungle diorama base to further the story of the GM team and their poor command unit succumbed to a prowess of a battle hardened Gouf Custom. I originally wanted to be done by Friday so that I could bring it out to AX Friday afternoon; but that didn’t pan out. I got about 70% of the trees placed by Friday afternoon before taking off to pick up Angel and head out to AX. Angel wasn’t finished with his kit either, and he brought along his unfinished pieces to work on during the con. AX was the typical, nothing out of the ordinary, but it was fun to hang out with the crew, wander the halls, and chat with the old staffer crew and just enjoy the people watching that ensued.


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Christmas in Hong Kong

December 22, Nicky and Angel come by and pick up Yuki and I and take us to LAX, we have a midnight flight out to Hong Kong. I had won the spot North American representative spot for the Gunpla Builders World Cup finals to be held on Christmas day in Hong Kong. As usual, my normal small baggage loaded inside my larger, mostly empty baggage. The larger baggage is carrying goods that I’m bringing for Yuki’s parents and my god parents. In my small backpack is also a little white gold ring emblazoned with four small diamonds and a larger diamond that’s about .7 ct in size. If anything, this should be a fairly memorable trip.


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