Lasagna Part One: The Ragu & gtetra’s Gaplant

The previous day while at the supermarket, I decided to try my hand at making lasagna. Having just had a wonderful lasagna from Angelini Osteria, a quick search pulled up a “recipe”. It is as good a starting point as any, but I’m making my own little modifications to the basic recipe as I go along. Hsiang-Wei(gtetra) came over to work on his Gaplant for which he pretty much finished painting and only requires the clear coats and decals to finish up the sucker.


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GM Sniper work continues and a Gaplant

Work continues on the Sniper Custom. The tedious task of building one of the rails for the RIS and drilling out the vent holes for the floating barrel system took up most of the time. Other work included adding the stock to the rifle as well as configuring the barrel. Gtetra has been over at the house working on his gaplant, and he’s getting close to closing the chapter on this project that he started several years ago.


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