PG Astray Group Build Project part 1

Last month, on the forums, we discussed the possibility of working on a group project at the build gathering. We’ve been holding the build gatherings for a little over a year now and each month we’ve been working on projects of our own. Last year we kinda did a group thing and worked on the 1/144 Gundam Bar. The bar itself was a group effort but the individual kits were still projects contributed by each builder. This idea behind this was to get a fairly complicated kit, that was fairly expensive, split the costs of purchasing the kit, and having each person that donated to the cause work on the project. So at the end of the polling, we decided on the PG Astray that had just come out in March.


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1/144 Gundam Bar

During one of the build gatherings at my house a couple of months ago, Sean F and the other folks at the “kiddy” table came up with the idea to create a “Gundam Bar”. The basic idea was to have standalone bases as bar sections that can connect to each other to form a much bigger length of bar. More information and pictures after the jump.



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