GT4 Update, Gouf Girl Update, and SCGMC Mascot Pins!

Lost of things happening in respect to current projects and new merch! First, we have a new pin available, and an old pin that wasn’t available but a select group of people got them in the past few years at SCGMC. Both these pins are now available in the TGG Store

Gouf girl is progressing and in the middle of work and letting things cure, I got the body of the GT4 polished and on to assembly. After all the fixes and clears, the body was quickly compounded, polished, and waxed. Not too happy with the project, but I wanted it off the work bench.

I got it assembled and took some completed pictures.

Back to Goufy, my last project picture got a response from reddit to add an eye patch as it’ll make her a mono eye, and here’s the test fit.

More Gouf Girl goodness after the jump!

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Gouf Custom: Almost there…

As stated in the previous post; when it gets down to the final stretch of things, the build progress slows down to a snails pace. The reason for this is that each of the final steps, although very quick and not in the least bit labor intensive just takes time and patience. Visibly, the work isn’t significant as these are minor details added to the kit. The reason for the slowness for the drawn out process is due to the cure times for the clear coats applied between the final layers.


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Weekend update: Gouf Custom and Model Build Gathering

This was a fairly busy weekend. The August build gathering was originally scheduled for the 21st, but since I’ll be in Vegas along with a few other guys from the build gathering, I moved it. Unfortunately, the date change affected a good number of folks that they couldn’t make it. I received email/messages from about 10 folks. We had about 15 folks at the gathering, so we would have had a fairly large gathering if those 10 showed. A nice low key gathering is always relaxing, especially since I can focus on the damn Gouf. In the middle of the gathering, I also had to run off to attend a wedding reception that I had forgotten was on my schedule; but more on that later. First up the Gouf.


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Gouf Custom – LED installation tutorial

Since the Gouf’s mono eye space is so small, I wanted to add some detailing that would utilize the space while keeping up the rather menacing look of the kit. The last time I wrote up a tutorial on LED installation was well over 7 years ago when I build the Gogg; it’s time I revisited this tutorial and updated it to better standards.


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