Polishing a clear resin block

Since the last update, I’ve been slowly working on cleaning up the resin block. I started with some wet sanding and got rid of most of the rough edges. The surface of the resin needed to be cleaned off because there was some mold release from the acrylic box sides. Once I got that cleaned up, I found a few air bubbles that needed to be filled.

Using a quicker setting resin, I fill in the holes and just ended up pouring the resin over the surface of the block faces. This filled in the bubbles nicely, but there was some overflow and I needed to sand away the excess dried clear resin and then went to clear coat it. When I clear coated, I discovered that the resin I poured over the top had tiny bubbles. This resin cures much faster than the resin I used for the majority of the block, so once I clear coated the surface, I could see swirls of bubbles. Screaming bloody murder for a little while, I calm down and get to work on fixing this.


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