Anime Expo 2013 Tomorrow!

Yes, it is that time of year again, summer’s begun only a few weeks ago, stands selling nerfed sticks and tubes that explode when mixed with fire; it’s coming up on July 4th, and in Los Angeles, it’s Anime Expo season – at least for the next four days. My involvement with the convention has dropped considerably. I go to say hi to friends, check out a few new animes, and to enter the regional Gunpla Builders World Cup competition for North America. More information can be found here: GBWC 2013 @ Anime Expo or the distributor’s page with information about all the regional competition locations: North American GWBC 2013


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Anime Expo 2011

This past weekend was July 4, and the annual Anime Expo four days of fun. This year was different from the past several in that I wasn’t staffing the event full time; I only had one workshop presentation, and I was only at the event for two of the four days. I did continue my work with the AX Model contest, making sure the event was set up as well as judging the event. This year I took a much needed break from being a full time staffer. I think this is one of those things that volunteers should consider, especially if they are in the managerial positions of the show; but more about that later. This year I participated in the Gunpla Builder’s World Cup event.


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Weekend Update

It’s been a fairly busy couple of weeks. This will be a mixed bag of things for this post. I’ll cover a little bit of the May build gathering over at Funaka’s house, my Memorial Day weekend trip out to Arizona, the recent addition of another corgi to my family, and some Anime Expo 2011 updates.


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Anime Expo 2010

This is my post about Anime Expo 2010 from my perspective. I’m one of two managers of the Exhibit Hall, I run 2 works shops and a panel, I run the AX Model Contest, and I’m also the point of contact for the Gunpla World Cup competition being sponsored by Bluefin. So I have a fairly unique perspective on things. And this post basically continues from the my last blog post.


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