May 182009

The monthly model build gathering was very successful this month. We got a good amount of work on the PG Astray done; some new folks were introduced to the group; and I finally got to give the airbrushing class I’ve been trying to teach for the past couple of build gatherings. I think the class was a rousing success. We had 11 people airbrushing at the same time. We also brought back Rockband to the gathering as the past few have been fairly subdued and quiet with the lack of rocking out.

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Apr 082008

Major updates to the tutorials.
Reorganized stuff so things are easier to find.  Also; since I’m still in the midst of redoing videos and such, I figure I can throw up what I have now; which will be easier to deal with than trying to making all the changes once I’m done.  Best to do this in increments as I get stuff done.  I still have tons more to do…

Sanding tutorial with an added video
Seamline tutorial with a complete rewrite
Basic Airbrushing tutorial with a complete rewrite
Advanced airbrushing tutorial

Primer Tutorial
Pearl powder tutorial

More as I progress with my Nu build….