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  1. Ken

    Can you elaborate a little on how you accomplished this red?
    I’ve been using alclad black base > alclad chrome > tamiya acrylic clear yellow/red/blue etc on most of my models but the tint of the color seems very dark. Is this a problem specific with alclad chrome, or is it my application of the chrome itself?

    you can see some of what i’m referring to here:

    I want to do a SD sinanju in a bright orange, so i’m thinking of trying black base > tamiya gold leaf >tamiya clear orange.. would that be better than using the alclad chrome ?

  2. GameraBaenre

    Hey Ken. Scroll down to the middle of this page here: to the Feb 17, 2014 section. Excerpt from the post: The lighter tone uses a mixture of clear pink, a small amount of clear orange, and clear red for tonal changes, sprayed over alclad super bright silver. The red is just Finisher’s clear red over alclad super bright silver. The deep red areas are finisher’s clear red over alclad polished brass.

    I don’t have the exact formula; but it’s sort of documented in this post. Hopefully it helps you out.

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