GM Command (knifed), Powered GM, GM Cannon II, and the GM Wagtail compose this little assault team circa UC 0083/0084. The general idea is that this team has been tasked to rout out remaining Zeon forces that still reside in small pockets around Earth and the Colonies. This team along with the HGUC Gouf Custom are part of a diorama which itself will be part of an even bigger diorama. Here is the finished GM Squad.

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  1. Blazinter

    I was searching pics about the GM Wagtail and wow! I wish I could do paintworks like that! Cool color scheme! Everything is awesome! I felt in love with this squad.

    Can I ask where are the “Avalon” decals from and what paints did you used? I highly asume you used an airbrush, right? Also: The red lines are decals or were they a masking job?

  2. GameraBaenre

    The “Avalon” decals were custom made by a friend and printed by Samuel Decal. I’m sure he still have the files, so if you want, you could ask him via his facebook page.

    The red was masked off and painted. Everything done is with an airbrush, with the exception of very small details and the weathering.

    If you’re interested in the build progressions, I have an article here:

  3. Blazinter

    Very instructive.

    “When I grow up” I want to be a good modeler as you! How coward I am to go further than panel lining is amusing. I started the hobby at April 2014 and nothing actually remarkable. Reminding me the sad thing about getting the Wagtail parts now seems impossible if you want both of your kidneys :\ .

    I have ordered to Samuel Decal before (a weapon kit, not decals, but I have ordered to him/her/them) . Now seems like they’re resting. New chinese year I guess :) .

    I actually didn’t believed you’ll answer to a old article. Have my respect and admiration, sir. Thank you a lot for answering.

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