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While I wait for paints to arrive for the Habaneros, I got some work done on the Zaku this week. I finished most of the exterior armor sanding on Monday, the kit was primed on Tuesday, and Wednesday night I got the base colors and secondary colors painted. More progress pictures and info here: Char’s Zaku Progress Page

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  1. zuhaili

    haha…good work….i wanna ask…what size do u use for the small round metal things on the armor…n what size of drill did u use to make the hole n how u do u install the metal thing inside the hole..thank you

  2. gamerabaenre

    I used a 5/64 in drill bit for dilling the holes. THe metal beads are just pushed into the holes. Pretty simple 🙂

  3. zuhaili

    oo…2 mm drill bit…thanks bro, u just gave me a view & idea for my zaku 2

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