Or, it could be completely normal; but in comparison to good old TV, and what we are all taught to be “normal”; I’m pretty sure that I’m way out there in left field facing the fence. This weekend was an interesting one; and the events leading up to it began last Thursday evening.

In other news, Saturday was a nice break from things, with IPMS Ontario’s MiniCon event and a rather smaller than normal build gathering; a good time was had. Here are a few pictures from MiniCon.

minicon2008%20075_jpg.jpg minicon2008%20161_jpg.jpg

More pictures and more about the weekend after the jump.

Travis (Ergo Proxy) came over early on Saturday and carpooled with me out to the MiniCon event. Brandon (Bhop) showed up just in time to enter his Long Long Girl (that took a third place in the Sci/Fi Figures category). I enjoyed the event, and it was pretty much what I expected. I was also able to recruit a new member for the model build gatherings at the event. Walking into the room, I was pleasantly surprised by a loud exclamation of “CLEM!” from one of the officer members of IPMS Ontario. Being the one “Gundam/Resin Anime Figure” modeler that has been attending the events for the past three years kinda get me noticed. At least now, I can start helping folks look upon gunpla and anime figures are models more often than just seeing them as painted toys (to which models are in reality). The pot calls the kettle black, as most modelers have probably been commented to about their works as “painted toys”/”toys” and to have that attitude rehashed towards gunpla modelers is just funny in the glory that is hypocrisy – but this is a subject left to another time and another post. Here are a few more pictures:

minicon2008%20001_jpg.jpg minicon2008%20008_jpg.jpg minicon2008%20158_jpg.jpg minicon2008%20148_jpg.jpg minicon2008%20003_jpg.jpg

All the pictures I took from the day are here: http://www.gamerabaenre.com/minicon08.htm

Edit: Removed at the request of a second party :D

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