So yeah, this kinda came out of left field. I mean, there’s no progress page or anything. Well, there’s a little bit of a story to this kit. I didn’t build it. Well, I helped out a little, but all the parts cutting, sanding, building, some stickers, and the panel line work was done by Angel. I only clear glossed, painted the thrusters, applied some stickers, and flat coated the sucker.

So, the story about this build. Well, a week right before Anime Expo, the local distributor that I’ve built kits for handed this kit over to me and wanting it completed. There wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell that it would be done by AX, but potentially, it could be done by Comic Con. Today was day one of Comic Con, so technically, I missed the deadline. And as stated at the beginning of this post; I didn’t actually work on the kit much. All the clipping, sanding, and building for this project was done by Angel. The panel lines and small detail painting was also done by Angel.

Since we were on a fairly tight schedule, and we actually didn’t have much time to work on the kit – real life tends to get in the way of things; we employed the no paint method. The exception was the thrusters and panel lining, as the thrusters were just too plain looking to me so I just sprayed a quick base black, painted the internals a light yellow, then sprayed alclad magnesium over the exterior of the thruster bells and called it a day. The rest of kit was only clear coated in a gloss, allowed to cure for a day, then the stickers that came with the special edition were applied. After the panel lines and some details were painted it, the kit was then flat coated, with the exception of the gold pieces, they stayed gloss as a nice contrast to the flat finished kit. Even the seams that are fairly prevalent on the kit were left alone and completely ignored, go ahead, look for them. The pictures make this kit look SO much better than it does in reality, so I guess this will be good enough as a display piece. At least until the bloody stickers start to peel, and peel they will….

And here are a few close ups:

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