April model build gathering. Dan, (Funaka) convinced his wife to let him hold the April build gathering at his house. It was a smaller gathering, which was nice and relaxing and probably not as taxing on Dan playing build gathering host for the first time. We had a few late comers, and Manny managed to only glance at the build gathering thread and showed up at my house before realizing that the gathering was not actually at my house this month. It was nice to not have to play host, and I got to concentrate on my own projects. I actually got quite a bit of model work done, more than I have ever had in the more recent build gatherings which is a nice change of pace.

I got work on the commission repair job for Mizuki’s hair. The chipped areas were sanded, then puttied with light curing putty, cured, then sanded. I didn’t get a chance to prime, but I’ll be doing more work on that kit this week.

I also spent a good amount of time working on the GN-X I had been working on recently. I had saved the weapons and other miscellaneous things for the build gathering as I figured I’d be spending most of the time sanding and building. I sanded all the weapons and worked on building a dual edged saber for the Jinx. I cut the end parts of the saber handles and glued them together, then puttied them up once the glue cured. The sabers were cut to shorten them a bit, then sanded to reshape the tips and remove the mold lines. Using higher and higher grits, the sabers were polished. To get an idea on how the saber looks together, I used Dave’s RX-78 kit to hold the Maul Saber.

Dan has an amazing workshop room, that is easily three times the size of my workshop. Yep, I’m damn jealous. After dinner, having run out of things to work on, I used Dan’s paints and airbrush setup to prime up my sanded parts with black. A very nice setup, and the fan pulled the fumes very efficiently so no one in the room got high.

Manny showed up in the afternoon after texting me to find out that the build gathering was at Dan’s. He brought along his girl who nerded it up in her own way by spending the time reading an upper division bio-chemistry textbook. Fun times all around. Angel and Nicky dropped by on their way over to Nicky’s sister’s place, and just hung out for a little while. V and Evan showed up late as they had gone to Disneyland that day, and dropped by for an hour or so. We ended up playing rockband from about 11:30 until 1. Terry passed out on the floor as he’s very likened to do AT EVERYONE’S house. Again, it was nice to have such a relaxed build gathering. I’m wondering how many people showed up at my house not knowing that the build gathering was at Dan’s; oh well, people just need to pay attention to the forum posts.

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  1. Brandon

    Nobody got high? Dang.. guess i didn’t miss much after all.

    just kiddin.. i’m actually sad I missed out

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