Resin Kampfer Evo. Ver. Build

This is a kit that is at least 12 or so years old. I think my friend picked this up while we were in HK (the conversion kit version). This is a recast of that conversion kit and actually recasted the MG Zaku II 2.0 parts needed for the kit. Well, almost all the parts. I found one missing part that I ended up having to recast myself from one of my built Zeeks.

So a nicely packaged resin kit, craptastic photocopied instructions. I needed some help from the MG Zaku’s 2.0 manual and the old MG Kampfer manual to help guide the build. I also did a quick paint spoon test for colors I thought would work on this project. Top of the spoon down, we’ve got Mr Color Orange Yellow, Finisher’s Light Gun Metal (the color I really wanted to use for this), and Mr Color German Grey. At least I have the main color scheme figured out – I can get to resin clean up.

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