Oct 282019

Now that I’m done pulling a bunch of casts, time to actually build the the damn thing. The difference is that I’m building and painting up the first 3D printed bust piece which is the bigger bust in 4 major pieces. Since the original 3D Design isn’t the best designed part, when it was printed, those mistakes in the design are also printed out so those will need to be addressed.

Jumping right in, the pictures belowed show the printed flaws that need to be sanded and/or filled. There is a lot of sanding and some light curing putty to level things off along some of the flat surfaces that didn’t get printed perfectly.

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Oct 142019

This is a little bit of a catch up post for the multiple things happening in my life over the past few weeks. I finished casting the Gouf Custom Exceed head conversion kit and bust and those are on sale at the store here. If you are looking to get one, this is your chance. I will not be making any more casts as the molds are pretty worn now. The last couple of pulls had to be repeated to get a good cast out of them. More on that later. The picture above is my spoils from OrangeCon 2019. I entered 4 kits, a little Haro I started and finished the day before Orangecon (this past Friday), the Dom Barrage, the Death figure, and the RX-78-3 Gundam G3 Exceed head. The 3 gunpla projects were entered into the one gunpla category which got split, so I got a 3rd place for the Dom Barrage as the “Large” split and then got a 2nd place for the Gundam Exceed head for the “small” split. Yeah, the 1/35 scale exceed head is considered small. I didn’t even expect that to place which is very odd. But it’s cool, I got some awards and picked up a cool looking classic Lambo from the vendor’s room. Should be a quick build once I get done with other projects currently on my plate.

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