Jul 292019

The old adage that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it; is very true. I did some 3D designs for the Dom Barrage project but once those pieces were designed and printed and I spent more time with the hands-on side of things to finish the build; the 3D design skills flew out the door. Since the Dom project was fairly intense, I wanted to relax a bit and work on something simple like the Zaku Exceed head. I finished the Gundam Exceed head while in the middle of working on the Dom project as a quick break. But as I started looking at the Zaku heads and thinking more, I realized that I should keep practice on the 3D design. I needed to relearn a few things but it is kind alike riding a bike, once you get used to the balance and everything, it just becomes muscle memory. So my quick and simple project kinda blew up into a full blown custom project….converting the Zaku Exceed head into a Gouf Custom head with a full bust.

I’m getting much more comfortable with the design, but I’m still VERY novice at it so the end result isn’t the greatest in terms of properly designed 3D files. This first set of pictures are the initial build progression via Blender. The basic idea is to block out the design using reference pictures I took from the NeoGrade Gouf Custom Conversion kit I built years ago. Once the blocks are laid out, details and shaping can be done.

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Jul 292019

SCGMC Shirt reprints! We just received our reprints for the Alex Build, Kampfer, and Gunpla Elitist! Folks have been requesting these shirts so here they are! We did a different print style for the Alex Build using ink discharge printing, we also removed the TGG logo from the sleeve; so the first run Alex Build shirts are still special. With ink discharge, the feel is completely different as the shirt is actually dyed instead of a layer of ink. If these are successful, we will be looking to do future reprints with this style of screen printing.

The Gunpla Elitist also got a print on a black shirt, so for you guys that like dark shirts and skipped out on the Elitist shirt earlier, you can grab it in black!

These shirts are limited and they go to fund SCGMC, so don’t wait, support SCGMC and buy a shirt! Click on the store link above or click on this link for all our SCGMC shirts.