Finally, finished the damn P Bandai MG Hazel

So, I had completely forgotten that I didn’t actually finish this project. It has been in psudo-limbo for the past 4 and a half years. The last update to this project was actually in October 2017. I actually continued to build up through November 18, 2017 and then stopped. Holiday season was upon us, things happened, and the last bit of the project got shelved. We’ll go back to those last undocumented two weeks before coming to finishing this project within the last 10 days. So below is the last picture from the last post and what the kit looks like now.

Jump ahead to close out the story on this, supposedly, quick build that only took almost 5 years to complete. (more…)

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Din Djarin Modified Naboo N1 Starfighter Progress

On the StarShipModeler’s FB page, there is a Prop/Model Kit maker that designed Mando’s N1 Starship from the recent Book of Boba Fett series. I believe it first appears in episode 5 that was released about the last week of January 2022. Tons of folks started making mods to existing Naboo kits and toys, and there were a handful of folks designing 3D versions for printing. Alain Rivard designed one and was posting progress on the SSM FB page. I was definitely interested and I hadn’t built a Star Wars kit in forever. So I followed the progress and order the files once he was done and got to printing. Here is a before and after.

Full details of the build after the jump. (more…)

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Lancia Stratos HF Build

I actually started this project last year around June and just got to a point a week into June and just stopped. I was fairly far along too, but I didn’t pick this back up until January. Then paused again because the 2B kit came in and I actually finished her without interruptions. But back to this project that I actually finished the middle of Feb, but just forgot to post about it. (I started and finished another kit *cough*anotherSazabi*cough*)

I love these 70’s era euro sports cars. I think I picked this up last year during our TGG shop crawl. A simple curb model.


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