Jul 062011

I finished the little bugger this past Friday right before heading out to Anime Expo for the weekend so I didn’t have any time to set a proper photo shoot. So tonight, here’s a quick and dirty little photo shoot for the little sucker. Kind of a quick build. I ended up using an entire bottle of alclad hot metal violet. Some pictures may be a bit on the overexposed side but that’s to show off the rather dark purple color. Otherwise, it looks fairly close to black.

  2 Responses to “SD Nightingale Completed”

  1. People are blind if they think it’s black :p

  2. wow man, I just bought an iwata hi line brush! I can’t wait to start doing work like this! you are so good at what you do and hopefully I can be as good as you, for you and many other gunpla modelers inspire me to keep learning more and more! this kit looks bad ass man, you are a master :)

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