Jul 032013

Yes, it is that time of year again, summer’s begun only a few weeks ago, stands selling nerfed sticks and tubes that explode when mixed with fire; it’s coming up on July 4th, and in Los Angeles, it’s Anime Expo season – at least for the next four days. My involvement with the convention has dropped considerably. I go to say hi to friends, check out a few new animes, and to enter the regional Gunpla Builders World Cup competition for North America. More information can be found here: GBWC 2013 @ Anime Expo or the distributor’s page with information about all the regional competition locations: North American GWBC 2013

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Apr 022013

Continuing from the previous post, I had just returned from Colorado Springs. Just in time for Pasadena Modeler’s Society’s annual model contest Valley Con. A couple of the TGG guys clad in our blue t-shirts attended this event. I had missed this show last year, and as a group, we needed some sort of representation at this event to at least pass out some flyers and get some face time among the other local model groups. A day after the show, I headed out to Miami, three days after getting back from Miami, I headed out to Chile with a end cap visit to Laredo Texas; and then there was the March build gathering for which I started up on Efreet Custom Conversion kit since Angel was working on an Efreet conversion kit.

Details and all that happy crap after the jump.

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