Apr 162014

I picked up this little SD Kampfer at SCGMC 2012 from Tatsu Hobby, one of our vendors at the event. I sorta had the thing pinned and mostly sanded during the December 2012 build gathering. I did one mod to the kit, which was to add a styrene collar around the clear resin part that was the eye. This piece lights up and I wanted to have some focus to the light, as well as add a slight bit of detail to this rather plain section of the kit. Forward another year, again to the December model building gathering, this time, 2013; I take the kit out and continue to work on it. Filling in some of the bubbles I found, fully fixing the plastic collar piece so no light leaks. And getting some real sanding on the kit. The parts were then placed into a tub of purple power at the end of the build gathering; and subsequently forgotten about once again.

My excuse was that the Ver Ka Saz came out, the past several months saw to that progression. With the Saz done, I started back up where I had last left off, with the parts in the purple power. Even months soaking in purple power, the resin doesn’t get destroyed. I’d not recommend trying this with your own flesh; even the slightest touch of bare skin without quickly washing the stuff off will start a reaction. Wear gloves when dealing with the stuff.

First step was to finishing the cleaning started months ago. The parts are removed from the purple soup and place in some clean water. From the clean water, the parts are placed into the ultrasonic cleaner. Once run through the ultrasonic cleaner, they are removed and placed on a paper towel to completely dry.

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Apr 162014

Probably late to the party, but since there are multiple methods for such fixes, I thought I would share mine, since the very thing happened on my current project. I broke a joint. Granted the kit was built over 10 years ago, and in an attempt to breath some life into this, some finessing with disassembly resulted in snapping the damn part. So here is a quick pictorial guide to my methodology.

Step one, break something. After a tirade of curse words and screaming, you calm down and get the necessary tools for the job.

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Mar 242014

Weekend update: Ver Ka Sazabi get’s completed! Since my last update, I’ve gotten the third section of the kit painted, the weapon systems done, all the wiring for the 35 or so LED on the sucker wired up and working, and finished the rather simplistic display base. Here’s a quick little comparison between the finished kit and the snapped up kit.

Short list of mods:

  • The upper torso chest piece was beefed up and reshaped. The slits were filled with styrene and a hexagon cutout with mesh inserts wad added.
  • The neck cables were replaced with a magnet wire spring, wiring, and metal collars.
  • The waist cables were replaced with magnet wire and metal collars.
  • Fuel tanks added some styrene and metal minus mold details.
  • Head antenna was extended with styrene.
  • Back of the head was extended with styrene.
  • Shoulder ends were extended and flared out slightly with styrene.
  • The Sazabi long rifle was cut and modified with a scope, dual ammo mag, free floating RIS system, over a ported outer barrel encasing an inner barrel, with a silencer. (yes, why would a GIANT robot need a silencer, very good question. I have no idea how to answer that… um… because it looks damn cool, yeah, that’s the answer!)
  • Mono eye modified with a metal collar to focus light in one direction.
  • 36 LEDs in total, 35 of those cast in resin thrusters and wired up to a reed switch and battery assembly.

Read about the final bits for this build as well as the full set of completed pictures after the jump!

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