Jul 282014

I’ve taken a different approach to progress pictures and posts. More so, I think I’m just adding another element to the whole build process documentation. I’m not sure how this will work out in the end, but hopefully it makes things more clear. I’m still working out the bugs for the process such as camera position and how much time it will take to edit and such. But I think in addition to the mindless ramblings of inane text along with the pictures, the videos will be of some use. We are moving more and more to that type of presentation, even when showing off a completed model, running a video and showing the thing seems to be the wave of the future. I don’t think videos will replace nicely crafted photos; but it will make for a good addition.

With that said; as part of my current SD Glaug project, I’ve been taking videos that I will stitch and edit together to show the entire build process. Here’s an excerpt that I made while hitting the parts with the second priming session.

Some additional information that may have been glossed over in the video:

  • The bottles are just plastic bottles that seem to be made for paint. I purchased them in Hong Kong from the RX-88 shop
  • The ball bearings were also purchased with the bottles and work quite nicely to help mixed pre-thinned paints
  • I don’t use a strict formula for thinning, I use a consistency test that is visual with swirling the bottle as well as visual and audio when the paint is in the airbrush
  • My answer to the correct thinning ratio is always “The consistency of regular vitamin D milk”
  • Air pressure plays an important role in how thin or thick your thinned paint mixture will run through your airbrush

In my honest opinion, paint thinning cannot possibly be a strict formula. Different environmental variables; the amount of thinner to paint ratio in new, partially opened, long used bottles of paint; and just our individual painting preferences are just too different. It will take practice; but once you get enough experience, this becomes second nature.

Jul 212014

I started a few new projects this past weekend during the build gathering. I’m actually also in the middle of doing repairs to the Sazabi, and will post up a more detailed discussion on that end when I’m finished with those repairs. I hope to be done soon. But in the mean time, we had a build gathering this past weekend, and even in the absence of a good number of TGG folks, we had a damn good showing with alot of familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while, some for a few years. We also had a good number of new folks show. This is always good; the hobby is still growing within the Southern California sphere.

At this past weekend’s gathering, I started work on an SD Glaug (Zentradi Officer’s Pod from Macross) that I picked up in Hong Kong last year and got some work on a 3D printed T-800 head piece I printed out earlier that week.

PhotoGrid_1405815925693 PhotoGrid_1405834692121

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Jul 192014

The folks here at ThoseGundamGuys have been hard at work creating this year’s T-Shirt design. A limited number will be for sale at this year’s SCGMC event. The price for the shirts have not been set yet, but it should be close to the price we sold last year’s Wing T-Shirts. If you missed out on last year’s Wing shirts, too bad, they’re gone.


If you guys are coming out to the Southern California Gundam Model competition in November and want to make sure you get one of these limited shirts; visit our facebook page and post up your name, size, and quantity on this post: SGCMC T-Shirt Pre-Order

Jul 082014

This past AX was probably one of my shortest stays at the convention. I normally spend at least 3 days, but there were just too many people and nothing that truly pulled me as far as interests. Where I used to wander the halls and take pictures of just about everything, I pretty much only focused on the GBWC, my two panels, and promoting SCGMC as much as possible. This year was pretty damn crowded. I don’t believe I have ever seen this large a sea of people. And in the previous years, the lines for registration after the first day is usually fairly tolerable; I’m pretty surprised at how long people still had to wait for getting registered even on day 3. Yeah, this con has taken a huge jump in attendance. I also noticed that the exhibit hall has grown considerably with a great deal more vendors. Crazy.

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Jul 072014

Anime Expo update. I’ve been busy the past few months with business trips and a short jaunt to Hong Kong to visit family as well as pick up items for this year’s SCGMC event. This past weekend was the annual Anime Expo and my time at this event has been getting shorter as the crowds have been getting larger. I believe they hit somewhere around 80k people, almost a 20k boost, which is pretty significant.

We arrived around 10AM on Friday, day 2 of the event. Angel and I have our respective kits for the Gunpla Builders World Cup event. There is a sea of people just waiting for the Exhibit hall to open, so we wait off in the wings before the access from our area is opened to the hall. We go in and Mike is already in there setting up his Kampfer, Geara Doga, and an Freedom. I put my Sazabi into the case, turn the lights on and fix the pose a little bit. I notice one of the folks from the Bandai Hobby department outside watching and looking at my kit. The guy has been coming to AX for the past several years so he knows me to an extent. He helps me pose the kit a bit with hand signals from the other side of the glass. Mike and I then help Angel put his kit into the case. It’s funny that every time we’re here doing this, Angel’s hands get so shaky, parts are falling off as he’s trying to place the kit. So the steady hands of Mike and I get the kit in place. I’ve never known Angel to be nervous about anything, but noticeably, at various contests, he gets shaky while trying to display his kits.

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May 192014

So I’ve been in a bit of a slump over the past few weeks.  I have also been a little tied up with our newest toy; an afinia(up) 3D printer.  I have also started back up on Battle Operation, but marginally as i get maybe 1 game in and if lucky, 3.  This combination has pretty much killed progress on th8s damn project.  But this month’s build gathering has seemed to kickstart the project.  I got a good amount of detailing work in, with minor additions left.


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