Apr 222015
ve1_prog 005_JPG

After a quick calculation, from the date of this posting, the last time progress on this kit was made was 2776 days ago, which translates to 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days. That said, the last time I left off, the kit was partially glued, some putty work, and lots of sticky tack and blue painters tape holding the sucker up as my usual “test” fit style of building.

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This is a Hasegawa kit, and should be build like a Hasegawa aircraft. Building one of these kits is a quick reminder that I’m horribly spoiled by the ease in which Bandai gunpla kits comes together. I could throw a hobby knife, bottles of paint, and the airbrush into your standard MG/HGUC kit, shake the box a little, and the kit would be completed.

Again, it’s been 7 and a half years since I last touched this kit. I’m also discovering that I’m missing parts; as quite a bit happens in a span of 7 years. Recently, I was reminded that Hasegawa finally came out with a Gerwalk for the VF-1 last December. From some reviews of the kit, I learned that a great deal of the original VF-1 aircraft kit is reused. So a stupid idea popped into my head – time to bash the new Gerwalk with the VE-1 kit.

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Apr 192015

This past weekend, Angel and I along with our wives, took the excuse of the IPMS Region 8 show hosted by the IPMS Las Vegas chapter, being held in Vegas; packed up a grip of our gunpla kits and headed out to sin city. They actually have a “Gundam” category as one of three categories under the Sci-Fi umbrella; so Angel and I were under the impression that were was a pretty good gunpla following. There were 5 entrants, 3 from So Cal, and 2 from Las Vegas, one of them being a recent transplant from So Cal. But regardless, its still damn cool they have a Gundam category in lieu of being lumped in with the rest of the Sci-Fi stuff. And we got to plug the crap out of SCGMC!

The event was held this past weekend on Saturday, April 18; at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The place is the hotel that the movie Casino with Pesci and De Niro. The place is also shutting down next month to be demolished. So at the very least, we got to see the last hurrah of an iconic piece of Las Vegas history.

Like most contests we’ve been attending of late, we dropped in, filled out the paperwork, set up our kits, maybe chatted with a few folks then ran off. With the wives in tow, AND in Vegas, there were other priorities. We asked for more space as there was only 1 gunpla kit on the table. And when we left, there were 11, 10 of those belonging to Angel and I. Hopefully there would be more entrants. But we didn’t wait along for that and went off to have a nice brunch at the Wynn. When we returned to the room after our lunch, we were told that the room was closing in 5 minutes for judging, and didn’t reopen until about 3:45. In hindsight, we should have just hung out until the kicked us out, then went to eat. I did get to meet up with an old competitor Mr. RJ, whom I met well over 10 years ago at an OrangeCon event. He does mostly mods to 1/144 Zeonic kits with German influence and all hand painted. Pretty damn amazing skills. He took first place in the Gundam category. We also met another fellow name Keven who has a blog: http://topmodelplamo.blogspot.com/; you can read more about his entry on his blog. Hopefully he’ll make it out to the SCGMC show in November; Vegas isn’t too far a drive. After a quick chat, the room closed and we were kicked out.

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Apr 152015

This is a quick video with information about the November SCGMC show; pictures taken from last year, location and start time information, as well as the category listing for this year’s competition.

Apr 142015

I’ve been posting up more and more videos and finding more and more mundane tasks to record while I build in hopes that someone out there finds them useful. Most of the model building techniques we use daily are just laborious; but each kit has its own quirks and since we have the technology, why the hell not? It doesn’t really matter much that I turn the gopro sitting on a tripod on top of my desk and just hit the record button while I work. Every now and then, there’s something that interesting that someone out there may find interesting. I’ve started getting better with the editing, using the zoom feature in the editor so that the actual model work is displayed; actually working within the framework of the camera view; and making more coherent comments while I’m building – all the while keeping my dogs from barking or the wife from running into the workshop with day to day life discussions.

But there are some damn cool things that I really need to start doing because we have the technology available to us. Youtube has a live broadcast option, that I would like to try out during our build gatherings. At least it may give some insight to how our build gathering run, the jokes, nerdiness, fun, and sometimes the horrific uncomfortableness that accompanies any social gathering of this nature. Worst case senario, this may increase our monthly build gathering attendance. God knows I’ve been trying to scare off the folks that come now!

Aside from this, I’ve been lucky and have tried to help this community as much as possible. This started with my website, the model progress build ups, the completed kits, and the tutorials. Then I started doing panel at Anime Expo and a few other anime conventions; also taking over the Anime Expo Model Contest. The audience at Anime Expo is amazing; but in the sea of events, vendors, cosplayers, etc; our little hobby gets lost. Model build gatherings were born about the same time the Anime Expo panels started up, and from our group attendance at local model contests like IPMS Orange County’s Orange Con – Those Gundam Guys was born. And a few years of this, we’ve found that there was something lost between the Anime Expo Model Contest and the IPMS style model show… so the Southern California Gundam Model Competition (SCGMC) was born. What’s sometimes overlooked is that the website, the time spent doing the tutorials, posting things on youtube, running SCGMC, etc; all cost some amount of money. Something that I’ve never asked for, because I was once a poor student, a jobless model builder, and I love building gunpla and resin anime figures. The ads on my site shouldn’t be too intrusive and the ads on the youtube videos are also not too invasive. We’ve been trying to keep the costs of attending SCGMC low as well. But we’ve completely outgrown the venue we’ve been using for the past 4 years.

That said, we now have a much larger venue – which incur a significantly higher cost to rent. That said, I recently discovered (I’m slow with technology sometimes – especially when it comes to keeping up with the hobby) that youtube has a “Fan Funding” option. So if you’ve enjoyed my mindless rantings over the years, the Anime Expo panels, the tutorial and build videos, SCGMC, Those Gundam Guys; etc. Help support the cause and click the little blue support button! It’ll help keep our grassroots style promotion of the hobby!

Apr 112015

This past week, I got the final bits of painting done. Gloss clear coated it to prepare the surface for decals. Applied some decals from various decal sheets such as the 1/144 Londo Bell set (warning labels), the 1/72 Ivanov from Macross Zero, and some random grim reaper decal from Samuel Decals – sticking with the whole “Grim” theme. Once the decals were set, another clear coat was sprayed over the decals to protect them, and a black enamel paint wash was applied. The gun saw a silver enamel paint wash; the first time I tried using a metallic/lighter color to panel line a dark painted mecha kit part. It looks ok I guess. But overall, I’m pretty happy with the kit. It would have been done sooner, but other project got in the way and I lost interest here and there.

Below is a picture of the stock Grim and my Grim in the middle of being modded.


The list of mods:

  • Added white LED inside the head
  • Removed backpack antenna and added head antenna
  • Added underside detail to the side skirts
  • Modded side skirts to add weapon sheath for throwing knives
  • 3D printed throwing knives
  • Added fuel tanks to the backpack
  • Added a backpack mounted rocket launcher
  • Added backpack mounted gatling gun scratch built with styrene and bashed with the Gundam OYW core fighter, also added grenade launcher element
  • Added details to the backpack main thrusters
  • Added spikes to the forearms
  • Added a sheath for the Grim’s knife to the left forearm
  • Added epoxy putty to create an organic upper sleeve
  • Added epoxy putty to right shoulder to bulk up the shoulder
  • Added thruster verniers through out the kit, upper shoulder, codpiece, and lower legs
  • Cut out belly and replaced with underside mine piece from the MG Kampfer kit
  • Modified the rifle to add barrel and silencer as well as bulked up the magazine with styrene cylinders and more kampfer mine parts
  • Upper thigh areas were extended with styrene plastic by about 4 mm to give the kit a more balanced look since I felt it looked a little squat
  • Recasted the clear pink lens piece to create a clear piece that I tinted with alclad candy electric blue enamel

The purple parts were base coated with left over paint from the Z’Gok build, white was used as a shading tone, then alclad hot metal violet was sprayed to give the purple tone. The right shoulder used clear yellow instead of the hot metal violet.

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Click here for the full gallery of completed pictures

Apr 052015

I got the parts cleaned up and washed. Then onto some skewers and the priming starts. Once the primer is dry, the parts are checked for mistakes and parts that need attention are sanded, puttied, resanded, then reprimed. Once everything looks good, the first layers of paint will go onto the parts.

Also in this post, because the Grim’s clear “eye” piece is done in a clear pink, that clashes with the color scheme I have planned, so I decided to make a silicone mold of the original part, and make a clear resin copy of the part that I can then tint with a clear paint that matches the overall color scheme.

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Here’s a video of the entire process just briefly touched on by the above slide show.

More details on the paint progress after the jump

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Mar 272015

It has been a few months since I started up on this project and I’ve been getting a little work on it only at the monthly build gatherings. With Sena recently completed, I decided against starting up another figure project to focus on this one and just get the damn thing done. Prior to the Sena videos, I actually started using my cameras to capture the Grimoire build. I was still working out the set up that I think I’ve nailed down towards the end of the Sena series.

Here’s what the kit looks like currently.

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Here’s the video for the head modifications as well as adding an LED to the head and wiring everything together.

More details about the current progression as well as the other video after the jump.

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