Jan 182016
levi_completed 010_JPG

This has been a very productive weekend. Granted I was working on both kits for a while and I did start this kit a while ago and worked on it on and off over the past year, but nothing significant until I moved to the new house. Last week’s post showed some decent progress and during the downtime from the Gusion work, I focused on this, and vice versa. The box art shows the base as done in a single grey color. Almost like a tombstone. I didn’t care for it and thought it would look nicer with the Survey Corps logo painted up. As usual, I always start with the lowest surface level, which was the brick. It was also the largest surface area, so that was painted with a dark red that looked as close to your standard red brick as my colorblind eyes could see. Once that dried, it was masked off and gloss black painted for the emblem proper. Once the black cured, the emblem’s borders were painted with alclad steel.

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Jan 172016
gusion 042_JPG

I picked up this fat little bastard last weekend and started working on it during the build gathering. And surprisingly; I was fairly motivated and continued working on the kit a little at the time each day. I had another project on going as well, so the wait times for things was productive as I’d just switch between the projects. I still have a few things to do, but the Levi bust is coming along and should be completed within this week if I continue to be productive. But back to the Gusion. From the last update, I had the internal frame and some thrusters painted. The internal frames cured, they were masked off so that I can combine outer armor areas that had seams. The forearms has a seam that runs down the middle, so in the first picture below; I have the part with the plastic ooze from the seam work, and then the comparison part after the cured plastic ooze is sanded away. Pretty decent fill. But I did need to do some filling with putty; but only two pieces.

Next, the parts were fully sanded, and to check the seam work, I sprayed a layer for Mr Surface 1000 as a primer. This works to show the seam work, show any additional sanding areas, fill in small scratches, neutralize the base green color, and act as a good surface for future paint layers.

I decided to try a little sticky tack masking, so I rolled out little worms and masked off the parts that I had painted in white. Once all the masking was done, I decided to spray a WRX World Rally Blue color that I had from when I ordered touch up paints for my old car. I originally wanted to do the white squiggly lines over green, but I sprayed some of this blue on the Levi bust and it just screamed to be painted on a kit. I’ve been meaning to spray this color on a kit, but just haven’t found the right kit.

After spraying, the masking is removed and we have the blue color with white squiggly lines.

I also made a quick 7 or so minute long video of the process, so check that out here:

After that, all that was left was the clear gloss and panel lines. Then final assembly and surprising, this project is done in a week. I wanted a quick little project and this 1/144 Gusion was perfect. No mods, jut straight out of the box – build and paint. I’m definitely looking forward to the 1/100 version now; and I’m planning on doing a few mods and painting that one completely different from this; so that will most likely take a little longer than a week.

On a funny note, while doing the final assembly; I noticed that I had built the shoulders upside down. *sigh* Since that part is seamed together, I will not try to correct this horrible oversight of the damn instructions. Hopefully I don’t screw this up on the 1/100 when I get to that.

Jan 132016
gusion 006_JPG

Since the workshop is now mostly settled and in full function; I’m starting off the new year with several projects meant for quick builds. The quick builds work to help me make adjustments to the new workshop. Moving sucks. The imagination can plan where things should go; but it’s not until I get down and start working on things that I really get to know how I want the paints placed and tools are placed, etc. I returned to the resin Levi kit to just break in the spray booth and start throwing some paints around. It also worked to vett the new mods to the spray booth and venting system.

We also had a build gathering this past weekend and I wanted to get a new kit to snap; so I went to the local gunpla shops and picked up the 1/144 Gundam Gusion. This chubby green bastard with his giant hammer just called to me.

More updates about the Gusion build as well as painting progression for Levi after the jump.

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Jan 042016
workshop_2015 003_JPG

So after SCGMC last year, real life became really busy immediately after SCGMC. I had already been packing up and getting ready to move to a new house the weeks leading up towards SCGMC; but once the show was done I was able to put full focus on the move. I had lived at my old house for about 10 years. Most of this blog has been written from this house and about the antics at this house. But circumstances called for a change; and I moved to the new place the week of Thanksgiving.

The workshop itself has gone through a few changes over the years. It started out in a very sizable 110 sq ft room for about 7 years. Then moved to a roughly 300 sq ft space for the final 3 years. My workshop at the new house is roughly 430 sq ft; which is an obscene amount of space for building little plastic robots.

With the holiday activities and trying to settle into the new home; I’ve finally gotten some time to start actually using the workshop and buil. I started working on a Dougram kit, but the project is stalled as I seem to have misplaced my tamiya basic putty – the downside to moving is that things go missing. So for the sake of just getting something quick and dirty built and painted; I brought out a resin Levi bust kit I started on early last year.

More details on the build as well as the new workshop after the jump!

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Nov 162015

The Southern California Gundam Model Competition had come and gone. There were a great deal of new changes for this year’s event. For the most part, the show was a great success. Our attendance increased from about 170 to over 250 people coming to the event. Our model entries increased from 113 individual model entries to 151 model entries. This definitely makes this show the BIGGEST GUNPLA Contest in North America. We would like to thank all those that came out to the show this year! The skill level has vastly improved. We added 4 more vendors this year. Our raffle prize wall was damn impressive. And we were very successful with our t-shirt sales. Again, thank you all for making this such a great show!

But as with all things, this was far from a perfect show. We (Those Gundam Guys) SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP. At the end of the day, this is still a model competition, and that’s where we messed up. There’s no other way to say it; and there’s just no excuse for screwing up on this level, especially after 5 years. What happened? We screwed up the awards for the 1/100 Alternate Universe, 1/144 Alternate Universe, AND Best Of Show Awards.

We hope that the community can forgive us for the screw up; and we’re already working on fixing the problems that lead up to the mistake. And we are also working on fixing the mistake we made by find the appropriate winners and sending them their rightfully won awards. We make no promises that we won’t screw up in the future, but we want the community to know that if we screw up, we own it, and will do everything within our power to make it right.

Read more about this year’s SCGMC and about or snafu(read: trying to explain ourselves) after the jump.

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Nov 142015

Today is our annual competition presented by Those Gundam Guys. The Southern California Gundam Model Competition. This year we’re going to try adding something new to the mix. We’re going to attempt to live broadcast this insanity. So bear with us as we attempt this, and hopefully this will show some folks how truly amazing this event really is… or just confirm your worst fears about the event. Either way, WIN WIN!

Part one begins at 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time:

Part two begins at 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time:

Nov 022015

“On the 12th day until SCGMC, the folks at TGG give to you; a sneak peak at the raffle prizes!”

Ok, so I’m not really going to post every bloody day with a new lyric counting down until SCGMC; or will I? But this year we have some damn nice raffle prizes already collected, and this isn’t everything that will be at the show. This is just a taste! And where I stand, I already see two perfect grade kits.

Remember to save some money and pick up one of this year’s SCGMC Build shirts! The red Char’s shirt will only be available at the show and they’re in limited quantities, so get there early! We have 5 of each size from Small through 2XL.

Remember! SCGMC is in less than 2 weeks! Saturday, November 14, 2015!