SV-51 Gamma Ivanov

June 26, 2005. Just completed my first airplane kit in about 15 or so years. Overall I'm satisfied with the result. It's not my best work, but it was sorta enjoyable. Sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get me going on this project, but it's finally completed. I had originally started this project several months, but kept pushing it off because I just didn't want to tread unknown waters. Added to this, was a mishap that happened today while I was taking pictures. One of my overhead lamps fell ontop of the model and broke several of the blast shield parts. A little glue and I was able to salvage it, but resulted in crooked struts that hold up the blast shield plates. Enjoy the pictures, I'm sure I will work on another plane eventually. Possibly the VE-1 Elintseeker from Macross, another Hasegawa kit. For the progress page, click here: Ivanov Progress Page.



Update Information:

I wasn't overly satisfied with the end result of the kit so I ended up throwing the kit away. So I no longer have the kit.




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