Jan 042016

So after SCGMC last year, real life became really busy immediately after SCGMC. I had already been packing up and getting ready to move to a new house the weeks leading up towards SCGMC; but once the show was done I was able to put full focus on the move. I had lived at my old house for about 10 years. Most of this blog has been written from this house and about the antics at this house. But circumstances called for a change; and I moved to the new place the week of Thanksgiving.

The workshop itself has gone through a few changes over the years. It started out in a very sizable 110 sq ft room for about 7 years. Then moved to a roughly 300 sq ft space for the final 3 years. My workshop at the new house is roughly 430 sq ft; which is an obscene amount of space for building little plastic robots.

With the holiday activities and trying to settle into the new home; I’ve finally gotten some time to start actually using the workshop and buil. I started working on a Dougram kit, but the project is stalled as I seem to have misplaced my tamiya basic putty – the downside to moving is that things go missing. So for the sake of just getting something quick and dirty built and painted; I brought out a resin Levi bust kit I started on early last year.

More details on the build as well as the new workshop after the jump!

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Jun 132008

I believe that a big part to working on kits is a well set up work area. When I first started building kits, I had a temporary work area; my tools were semi organized and simply thrown into boxes, random cups and strewn all over my temporary fold up desk area. The same area was used for painting when I got to that point with my kits. I had a temporary set up for about 6 years prior to moving to my current residence. With my new place, I was able to dedicate a single room as a workshop. More pictures and information after the jump.


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