Velvet, she’s got legs…

Work continues. I wasn’t satisfied with the masking and painting job for the leg lines. The damn things are very difficult to do; so for the last few days, I’ve been thinking about how to best remedy the situation. I came down to a few potential solutions and tried them out. I also returned to working on the base.


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Weekend update: August Model Build Gathering & Velvet Progress

This weekend was the August Model Build Gathering. We had a fairly small July gathering, so I wasn’t sure what to expect for this months. Folks trickled in, some of the new folks from last time came back, and one of the builders that came to the one of the earliest build gatherings made his triumphant return. I got a good amount of masking work for Velvet done, got utterly trashed, and played rock band. Damn good weekend.


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Velvet: real painting begins

A good 80% of the work on any resin figure is spent fixing surface issues, sanding, washing, priming, resanding, repriming, etc. With that done, the fun part comes, painting. I enjoy the painting session the most as the kit starts to really come together at this stage. The repetitive motions of sanding, priming, sanding, repeat gets laborious with nothing but gray tones and the color of the putties. Most of the parts have second layers of color paint on them. The exception to this are the red parts which have been base coated with wine red.


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