Mar 022015

This past Sunday was the 25th Anniversary ValleyCon event. Damn, SCGMC is coming up on 5 years…. I can only hope to be as successful to get another 20 years. This year was different from the past several years that I’ve attended – they held the contest at the Ronald Reagan Library, under the old 707 Air Force One. Damn cool. There were also cars on loan from the Peterson Auto Museum as well as an old Marine One. We were allowed into Air Force One and Marine One, but no pictures were allowed inside. Damn cool to walk the insides of these aircraft.

It was a very impressive show. They had over 600 entries. There were alot of amazing entries and I didn’t have time to snap pictures of everything because there was just so much more to see and do that the library.

Some more details and commentary after the jump.

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Mar 142011

This past Sunday was the Pasadena Modelers Society’s annual model contest, ValleyCon. A few of us from the build gathering went and entered our kits into the competition. Not all of us are gunpla builders, and congrats to Sean for his wins in the 1/48th tank, 1/350 ships and 1/700 ships categories. Brandon on in the figures category. There were tons of excellently built models across all genres of plastic/resin/vinyl. Our little niche of gunpla builders made a pretty good showing as well. I think we impressed upon the show’s chairman that not all the gunpla builders actually know one another.

Or click here if you want to read about my crazy idea that formed in my head as a result of this year’s competition participation.

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Mar 102010

This past weekend was Pasadena Modelers Society’s annual contest Valley Con. A group of us from the build gatherings showed up and just ended up filling the table with gunpla. For which none of us won anything. There were quite a few very well done kits, but some of the things that won just boggled our minds a little. Oh well, what can you do when they lump all the science fiction into two categories: mechanical and creature. Odd that they’d add a category such as “Armored Trains” which had about 4 or 5 kits total, instead of better organizing the science fiction category. But for most of us sci-fi model builders, we’re used to being thrown into a corner and not having people give a rats ass about us. It’s even more niche and worse for the gundam modelers.

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Mar 082010

Another busy weekend goes by. I was off on Friday so Art, Ed and I went back up to Bear Mt. From Saturday, we got some $10 off coupons for Sunday-Fridays and got to use them. The weather was nice and warm, and we got to the resort before the lifts started running. We had a great day and I ended up doing about 21 runs before calling it a day at 3 in the afternoon. Returning home on Friday, my HID conversion kit came in the mail so I spent roughly 20 minutes making the install to my car.

A few of us went and saw Alice in Wonderland on Saturday for which I felt was a better movie than the last Depp/Burton Wonka experience. Sunday was spent at ValleyCon trying win little plaques for model building. Unfortunately, my camera stopped working, I had put some batteries out of a brand new pack of batteries, and after testing my camera just now, apparently one or more of the batteries were bad. Oh well, lesson learned is to bring more batteries.

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