Dec 212009

It was a decently busy weekend. I went to my friend’s mom’s house and learned and made a bunch of tamales of different flavors. I’m finally started up on my latest project that I actually sorta started a few years back when I first bought it, but shelved. Then there was the build gathering. This one was very interesting. And whilst I tell the story later, I will definitely come off as a complete asshole, but you just had to be here to fully understand and grasp the big picture. Regardless it was another great gathering. At the end of the night, we piled up all the guitars, for a group picture. I’m sorta cheating, as the left handed, ultra dusty, guitars are mine… but at least I have some variety in that there’s an electric, acoustic, and classical guitars. And unfortunately, I had forgotten to snap pictures during the gathering, but I did snap a few things off my phone, a little too late however.

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