Oct 042009

This all started Friday morning as I was taking my friend to the local dive shop to get his personal gear as he’s taking the open water PADI certification course the following week. My dive shop guy tells me that tonight’s boat trip out to Catalina Island for the lobster season opener has open spots as a few folks dropped out, and wondered if I would be interested. The cost is 125, so I had to mull it over a little. I had never gone on this trip, but had wanted to; as well as I’m only an open water certified diver, however, I do have the necessary experience as I’ve done several night dives, and have well over 50 dives to date. So I thought about it while my friend picked up his gear. When he pays for his stuff, I tell the shop guy that I’m in, and pay for the trip. The view as we leave Long Beach.

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Jan 182009

It has been almost a full year since I last dived Laguna Beach, or off the coast of California for that matter. So on Saturday, I had my first dive of the year. It feels damn good to be back in the water. The conditions from earlier in the week were amazing. The water was as still as a lake, and the visibility was about 30-35 feet. I hoped the the conditions kept up for my dive on Saturday. The conditions were fairly good. Not the 30 feet that had been posted earlier the week. The surf was kicking up a bit, so it was a little surgy but not bad. Visibility was very nice. Temperature on the surface was about 85 or so degrees. Not too bad for the middle of January. Temperature at the 25 feet was 56. I had a hole in my glove so my left hand was a little cold. Enjoying my first day back to diving, I decided to go again today, Sunday. Below are pictures taken from the top and from the water.

scuba_1_17_09 100_jpg.jpg scuba_1_18_09 001_jpg.jpg

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