Apr 022010

I’ve been sick all week. Still sick actually. It started off this past Sunday for what I thought was just your run of the mill hangover from the previous night’s drinking festivities, turned out to be something completely different. I started coughing on Sunday, and sorta getting short of breath which was weird, but since I don’t normally get so dehydrated and hungover, I thought it was the hangover. Well, turns out that I was sick enough to venture out and see a bloody doctor, something I haven’t done in well over ten years. Yeah, after four years of military health care, can anyone really blame me for my deathly fear of the doctor’s office? So that’s why there hasn’t been an update for a while, I’ve been laid up sick as shit. But what an update I have.

Starting three weeks ago, the 20th, I went up to Solvang/Santa Barbarbra with Jen and friends, the next day, Art, Brandon, and I hit up Big Bear. The 27th was the monthly model build gathering, and we had a really good turnout. The day after was a trip up to Silverlake for some fishing. Details after the jump.

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