Apr 262013

I had to wait a few days for my new tripod head to arrive. Only, when it did arrive, the connection end for the new head is a 3/8 in female where as my tripod legs were a 1/4-20 male, *sigh* too small to connect with the newer head piece. Well, regardless, I need to get an adapter or some kind of bushing that a good number of photography shops should carry. In the mean time, I just snapped a few shots of the damn head, not that I can zoom in no more up close details as there’s no point with the size of the head. It’s not too bad but there are some obvious signs that it was built in 3 days. A quick little build before I head out of town for business.

Full gallery after the jump.

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Apr 232013

This past weekend was the monthly build gathering. ‘Twas a smaller gathering which afforded some time to focus on another quick resin kit. my friend Mitchell picked up this kit form Hong Kong and gave it to me a few years ago. From the initial look, it seemed like a scaled down version of the 1/35 Nu Gundam head from G-sys. I had built one of the 35th scale Nu heads at least 8 years ago. I had started back on my 1/100 Nu project, but the stage I’m at with that required more focus that I could give at a build gathering. So with tools in hand, some sticky tack, the 7 parts that composed this kit was quickly assembled. Let see how long it will take to complete this one – yeah, complete progress after the jump.

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