MS-08TX Efreet Custom Completed

So just shy of 3 weeks, this little quick and dirty project is done. I pulled some pictures from the previous posts showing the major miles stones starting with the simple snap fit, painted, flat coated, then weathered. It feels good to get a project done after so much time away from building. I normally try to document as much of the progress as possible so that others can learn, but sometime when I’m in the zone for building, I invariably forget about snapping a picture at certain moments, so if things are missed, or lost in translation, it should be fairly easy to assume from on progress picture to another. I’ve started to get better at writing the exact colors and brands I’m using. I find that sometimes, months or years goes by and I get a question on what color/brand I used for some kit and I have no idea, and go back to look at the progress page for that particular kit to see if it was written there or if it jogs my memory.


But enough of the babbling, the progress and some final pictures after the jump.


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Gouf Custom: Almost there…

As stated in the previous post; when it gets down to the final stretch of things, the build progress slows down to a snails pace. The reason for this is that each of the final steps, although very quick and not in the least bit labor intensive just takes time and patience. Visibly, the work isn’t significant as these are minor details added to the kit. The reason for the slowness for the drawn out process is due to the cure times for the clear coats applied between the final layers.


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