RX-78 GP03 Ver. “Osaka” Completed!

This was a very quick project. These small resin figures are pretty simple and perfect to squeeze in between projects. Last time I posted that the parts were sanded and soaked in an industrial strength cleaner. A day later, they get the scrubbing treatment with a dip in the ultrasonic cleaner and water.

After the scrubbing session, the parts are laid out to air dry. Once all the parts are dry, I can work on the immediate problem areas on the kit. There are a few bubbles and chipped resin, but a short session with some light curing putty and sanding fills and fixes things. This is just on the bare resin. The parts are now ready for priming.

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Midweek Diving and Velvet arrives!

Velvet from Odin Sphere sculpted by Bubba arrived on Tuesday, but since I wasn’t home to sign for the kit, I was relegated to picking it up the following morning. The box for the kit was unusually large as you can see by the comparison picture with Mr G3 Gundam. However, as excited I was to go home and break open the box to get her at least pinned, something else caught my attention towards the end of my work day.

As usual, I was checking the local scuba conditions as I randomly do to see what conditions are like; and the reported waves were 0-1 ft, surge light, and visibility 20-25 ft. My last couple of dives have been with a visibility of 10-15 ft and 2-4 ft surge. I then went to check another surf site for the deep water wave action to see what the conditions may be come the weekend. The deep water waves are predicted to raise as the week progressed, so I figured I should take advantage of the current conditions and just do a nice evening dive.


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