Cosette: Putty, Sand, Prime; repeat

Work continues for Cosette. The first layer of primer was sprayed after the initial sanding session and putty works. If I continue at this pace, I may actually be able to finish this kit by the time Pasadena Modelers Society ValleyCon rolls around next week. The priming session has showed some rough spots. I’m now on the fence about how to approach the hair. As the figure is supposed to be a little grimy and down trodden, I’m not sure if I should clean up the hair. The initial spraying of primer has shown a decent amount of rough spots on the hair. I may apply some small spots of putty and smooth out some of the rough spots, but it may take away from the gritty look of the figure. I’ll take another look and make a decision, but for now, I focused on areas that need to be fixed.


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