March Model Build Gathering

This past weekend was the March Model Build Gathering held at Dan’s (Funaka) house. I brought my Saz over only to discover that the paint under the decals on the skirts I’ve been working on is again being eaten away. I’ve still yet to pinpoint the issue, but I spent my time at the gathering working on wiring up the Saz and trying out a few attempts at fixing the skirts.


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Weekend update: Gouf Custom and Model Build Gathering

This was a fairly busy weekend. The August build gathering was originally scheduled for the 21st, but since I’ll be in Vegas along with a few other guys from the build gathering, I moved it. Unfortunately, the date change affected a good number of folks that they couldn’t make it. I received email/messages from about 10 folks. We had about 15 folks at the gathering, so we would have had a fairly large gathering if those 10 showed. A nice low key gathering is always relaxing, especially since I can focus on the damn Gouf. In the middle of the gathering, I also had to run off to attend a wedding reception that I had forgotten was on my schedule; but more on that later. First up the Gouf.


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