SD Valkyrie VF-1J

The group of us had a TGG Live broadcast two Saturday’s ago and I was in the midst of finishing the Death kit so I really didn’t have anything to work on, so I cracked open this little kit I picked up from Hong Kong the last time I went back. It is a recast of a set of SD kits from Metal Box. I had previously build the SD Officer’s pod so the break down of these kits are pretty nice. I also started on the SD Monster that is in partial paint stages. But interest on that beast waned so here we go with this. Instead of pins, I optioned magnets as the connection points for the joint/sockets for all the parts. Some quick clips of the flash, drill a hole here, add glue there, stick a magnet noting the correct polarity, and done. It’s standing fairly well on it’s own. Ok, maybe the skewer behind is giving some emotional support. But here’s the kit after the broadcast on Saturday.


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SD Macross Monster

I picked up this kit on a trip to Hong Kong in 2011 from a shop that no longer exists. This was a recast from a series of SD Macross kits made by Metal Box as a limited run kit for Wonfes 2011 winter. The casting isn’t too bad. I did find a bubble here and there and there was a gap issue that I needed to fix. But overall, the kit is a pretty solid piece of resin. I had originally pinned this guy way back in 2011/2012 but had shelved it for various reasons. Then after my move in 2015, it kinda got lost in my stash of kits. After seeing all the cool SD kits at SCGMC, I feel the need to get one quickly done. A resin SD kit may actually be easier to build than a Bandai IP SD kit. I don’t have to deal with seams. Revisiting the kit, some of the pinning was rather poor. The thing is damn heavy, so I needed to repin using a much thicker brass rod. Here’s what the kit looked like a few nights ago.


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Elintseeker 777

After a quick calculation, from the date of this posting, the last time progress on this kit was made was 2776 days ago, which translates to 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days. That said, the last time I left off, the kit was partially glued, some putty work, and lots of sticky tack and blue painters tape holding the sucker up as my usual “test” fit style of building.

This is a Hasegawa kit, and should be build like a Hasegawa aircraft. Building one of these kits is a quick reminder that I’m horribly spoiled by the ease in which Bandai gunpla kits comes together. I could throw a hobby knife, bottles of paint, and the airbrush into your standard MG/HGUC kit, shake the box a little, and the kit would be completed.

Again, it’s been 7 and a half years since I last touched this kit. I’m also discovering that I’m missing parts; as quite a bit happens in a span of 7 years. Recently, I was reminded that Hasegawa finally came out with a Gerwalk for the VF-1 last December. From some reviews of the kit, I learned that a great deal of the original VF-1 aircraft kit is reused. So a stupid idea popped into my head – time to bash the new Gerwalk with the VE-1 kit.


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