1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam Commission

So last week, I got a call from the local model distributor, chatting up about upcoming anime conventions, model contests, etc; and he asked if I could get a crew together to put together some 1/12 scale gunpla kits for him to use as display pieces. These large HYGM kits came out 5 years ago and I’d seen them once or twice at various conventions and events; so I jumped at the idea; I figured that the usual suspects I gather to work on such projects would be excited. This was sometime last week, and during my busy weekend, it slipped my mind until while in Solvang, someone mentioned the up coming build gathering. I mentioned the possibility of building the two 1/12 scale HYGM kits and all I could see was a HUGE grin form on Angel. They were all in, so I made the call to the distributor and said we were good to go on building the things. I figured that since the build gathering was coming up, I could pick up the kits this week and then just have them sitting there until the build gathering and then just have the folks at the gathering put them together.

Yesterday, I took off work a little early; I still have some hours to burn off too; but I made it out to the distributor’s warehouse and sat down with the guy to discuss some other up coming events and a contest event I’m working on for him. Two hours later – the guy likes to talk, we get around to moving the boxes for the two kits to load into my little tc. I fold down all the seats, and everything fits perfectly. I take off on my way home and then I remember a little bit of the conversation from earlier. I give the guy a call back to confirm that the two kits need to be finished by Friday; he confirms. There goes the idea of doing this at the build gathering. On the drive home, I call up the most local of model builders that I know may be free to help out tonight; and set the evening’s events into motion.


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