Weekend Update: build gathering, Gouf work, and SCGMC news!

This past weekend was a busy one. I’ve been focusing on getting the HGUC Gouf Custom done, so there is a little bit of an update on that front. Saturday was the July build gathering. Normally, the gathering is either smaller because folks are tired from AX and it’s summer so folks are just busy with various summer activities. Or there is an explosion of new folks because of the workshops and panels at AX. But neither was true this time, it was just the normal gathering, about twenty or so came. It was fairly productive too, in comparison with the last build gathering.

On the SCGMC front; we have vendors and trophies. But more about that after the jump.


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GM Diorama Progress: Gouf Custom Focus

A little update on the project as I didn’t work on it at all over the weekend and only started back on it the beginning of the week. I started priming and got two of the three GMs I had on skeweres primed. Then realized that I was planning on painting them all the same color scheme, so since I still don’t have the GM Cannon II done yet, time to back burner the GMs and focus on the Gouf Custom. I figured that if I can finish the Gouf in the next two weeks, I can bring the little guy to Otakon and have it sitting next to the MG Gouf Custom. Since the Gouf was skewered and ready for painting, the parts were primed.


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