My 3rd car build…. Lamborghini Jota

Finishing the Sakurai Aoi commission project refueled the itch to build, so I asked the wife which should I work on next, the Elintseeker project that’s been shelved more time than I can count; or this 1975 Lambo. She picked Italy over Macross. I had picked this kit up last October at Orangecon, the IPMS OC’s annual model competition. It called to me so I grabbed it – then promptly put it with the rest of the backlog. Time to unbox, and in a week and a half, finish the damn thing. This not driving to work is giving me loads to time to work on things….

Standard Hasegawa 24th scale car kit and I’m just following the directions with step one. I don’t build cars. On this website, this is the 3rd one. So yeah. Time to follow the directions. This is just a quick test fit as I tend to do before actual sanding and gluing of parts. This helps me visualize what needs to be done.

On to just building and painting the sucker. Here I have some blue masking tape stuck to a piece of card stock. On top of the blue masking tape, regular painters masking tape (frog tape) which is VERY similar to tamiya masking tape – only a huge roll and about the same cost as the 6mm tamiya tape. I used a punch tool I picked up from Micromark years ago and punched out some masks for the instrument panel.

Hit the jump for the rest of the build and completed pictures. (more…)

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