Real work on the Gouf begins

I nailed down my pose earlier in the week then got most of the current work done over the weekend. The weekend was fairly busy, but I did get a good amount of work done on the sucker. I spent most of Friday night filling and doing final bits of the initial sanding and clean up on the resin parts which ended with the resin parts being dunked into a purple power bath.


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Gouf 2.0 Custom Conversion Test Fit

Last night, I finished test fitting the kit. Test fitting isn’t too important with most of Bandai’s gunpla kit as they’re engineered to very tight mechanics, and it just usually takes shaking the box to get the kit put together. But regardless, I test fit so that I get an idea of what I’m working with; and I get to play with the bloody kit. Test fitting become much more important when resin is involved. The engineering isn’t always exact. The placement of flash tabs, excess resin, and all sorts of other factors play into the final fit of the kit. Some areas will be loose, others will have gaps, etc. These things need to be addressed at this stage of the build because it is easiest to fix at this point.


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