Weekend Update: HWB with Rodrigo y Gabriela and GM Dio Progress

This was a busy weekend. I didn’t get much work on the GMs done this weekend, only a few sessions of paint, but I did get some decent amount of work prior to the weekend. This weekend was spent doing errands, at the Hollywood Bowl, and cleaning my garage. I managed to collect about 20 gallons of motor oil from years of doing oil changes, those were removed and taken to the local auto parts shop for disposal. Empty boxes upon boxes were flattened out and taken to the local recycling center. The garage is amazingly reorganized now.


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Back to work on the GM Diorama

So after seeing a post from Angel on ThoseGundamGuys, I finally got the motivational push necessary to find the box that I had last stashed all the mostly sanded GM bits and pieces, and do something about it. Pulling the parts out of the box, I find 3 GMs in minor sub-assembly pieces. Time to sort out what parts belong to what GM, and to see about where I had last left off in the surface prep. I had previously done a decent amount of surface prep, but there were a few areas that still required attention.

After sorting out the parts and sorta putting a few together, I went and disassembled the Wagtail and the Power GM and put them on the skewers. I also took apart the Gouf Custom and put it on skewers. In hindsight, I should have also washed the damn parts before skewering them as they have been in the box for a while and having been handled and worked on; not washing the plastic may prove disastrous when I get down to painting and masking. Putting just these three kits on the skewers also shows that I’ve run out of skewers and I don’t have enough wood blocks. The todo list for tonight when I get off work will be to buy some more bamboo skewers and some wood blocks to create more holders. As well as washing and drying the already skewered pieces.


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