Elintseeker 777

After a quick calculation, from the date of this posting, the last time progress on this kit was made was 2776 days ago, which translates to 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days. That said, the last time I left off, the kit was partially glued, some putty work, and lots of sticky tack and blue painters tape holding the sucker up as my usual “test” fit style of building.

This is a Hasegawa kit, and should be build like a Hasegawa aircraft. Building one of these kits is a quick reminder that I’m horribly spoiled by the ease in which Bandai gunpla kits comes together. I could throw a hobby knife, bottles of paint, and the airbrush into your standard MG/HGUC kit, shake the box a little, and the kit would be completed.

Again, it’s been 7 and a half years since I last touched this kit. I’m also discovering that I’m missing parts; as quite a bit happens in a span of 7 years. Recently, I was reminded that Hasegawa finally came out with a Gerwalk for the VF-1 last December. From some reviews of the kit, I learned that a great deal of the original VF-1 aircraft kit is reused. So a stupid idea popped into my head – time to bash the new Gerwalk with the VE-1 kit.


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