SCGMC the Aftermath

This past weekend was the first annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition (SCGMC) presented by ThoseGundamGuys. The idea to run our own contest came out of years of frustrations when attending other model contests. So back in April, we set the wheels in motion and started working on creating our own competition. There has never been a model competition of this kind in Southern California that I know of, so we had no idea what to expect. A few of us were a bit pessimistic and we set the bar a little low just so we don’t completely disappoint ourselves. But all our hard work paid off and there really is a decent gunpla following in Southern California. We organized the event planning for about 60 people in attendance. This was our goal, and we found a venue that would support this and contacted a few vendors; then started a marketing campaign to as many local hobby shops as we could find as well as hitting the online resources for gunpla discussions.

We had an attendance of about 100 people, 35 individual entrants, entering 88 models in total. I definitely believe we surpassed our goal and I believe that we can continue to do this event annually. Hit the jump for more details and pictures of the event.


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