2019 SCGMC Judging Shirt


These are leftover shirts we gave to our wonder SCGMC 2019 Judges to dedicated their time at the show to judge the hundreds of entries.

These are very limited in quantity and will not be reprinted. If you saw this at SCGMC 2019 and wanted one, there are 2 color options and 2 sizes available and only 6 shirts total. We’ve set a special price for these as well.

Ball Shirt


The SCGMC 2019 theme is the Ball, so here’s the OG Ball build shirt!

We also ran a limited run of the design on an Orange shirt to represent the Ball from the 8th MS Team OVA. Pick one or both!

SCGMC Mascot Shirt


The Southern California Gundam Model Competition Mascot shirt!

The shirt really pops under UV light, *note:shirt is not glow in the dark*