Gouf Custom – LED installation tutorial

Since the Gouf’s mono eye space is so small, I wanted to add some detailing that would utilize the space while keeping up the rather menacing look of the kit. The last time I wrote up a tutorial on LED installation was well over 7 years ago when I build the Gogg; it’s time I revisited this tutorial and updated it to better standards.


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Real work on the Gouf begins

I nailed down my pose earlier in the week then got most of the current work done over the weekend. The weekend was fairly busy, but I did get a good amount of work done on the sucker. I spent most of Friday night filling and doing final bits of the initial sanding and clean up on the resin parts which ended with the resin parts being dunked into a purple power bath.


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SD CC, Gouf Custom, and OC Fair

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con. I had never gone to Comic Con and didn’t plan on attending, but one of vendors I know said they could give me a pass to check out the event. Having finished the Musha MkII for the vendor and being off on Friday, I decided to drive down there, deliver the kit and check out the show. I started up on a Gouf 2.0 Gouf Custom conversion kit on Saturday, and later that evening, a group of friends and I went out to the Orange County Fair.


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