This past Saturday, a group of us went down to San Diego to check out Comic Con. Last year I spent a few hours and was bored so I ended up leaving fairly early. This year, we left the house around 4:15am and got into SD around 5:45. We parked and had a very nice breakfast at the Broken Egg restaurant in the gas lamp district. Once done, we headed to the convention center and got some exhibitor badges from our local gunpla distributor friend and joined the throngs of people. We wandered the exhibit hall and picked up a few things. I snapped a few pictures of some cosplayers, some celebrities, and random cool things. We went to one panel on Silicone mold making and resin casting done by a guy who’s been doing it professionally for 30 years. I learned some cool new tricks that should help me cast much better. It was a pretty good day, much more enjoyable with a pack of friends as opposed to being alone.

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